Workers have difficulty in finding the cause of manufacturing line problems if the equipment in the line is apparently in good condition. The workers may try disconnecting the ground wire as the last resort and find that the line returns to normal. A large number of operators of high-precision equipment in semi-conductor manufacturing factories or engineers in charge of starting up or servicing equipment in device manufacturing companies may experience this type of phenomenon. Ground line noise often malfunctions equipment, the troubleshooting of which is time-consuming. Our ground line noise filter effectively suppresses line noise that adversely affects equipment, thus ensuring the stable operation of the equipment without losing the safety function of the ground line.

Problems causing the line to halt during operations (intermittent stoppages) were occurring about 10 times per day. The manufacturer of the equipment used was asked to investigate and correct the problem several times, but the stoppages continued. Each time the problem occurred the technician at the site would reset the system. These intermittent stoppages resulted in a reduction in the operating efficiency of the production line of over 20%.

After a ground line noise filter from GroundNite was installed on the ground line of the PC controlling the factory automation system, the intermittent stoppages were reduced to zero.The customer was extremely pleased.

Measurement Method (Ground Line Noise)
A current clamp was connected to the ground line to measure the current in the ground line. A digital oscilloscope was used for data analysis. The spectrum data obtained from the measurement was transferred to a computer.The conditions of the ground line, with and without a ground line noise filter, were measured to check the noise suppression effect of the filter.

Ground line noise filters are also effective in
improving the operating environment for
conveyor robots.