Ground Line Noise Filter from GroundNite converts leakage current in the ground line into heat energy, thereby effectively attenuating electromagnetic noise. These noise filters are designed specifically for ground lines. They employ innovative technology to clean up and eliminate the ground line noise that can harm electronic equipment. In addition, should a short circuit or electrical leakage occur in the equipment, the resulting high current is permitted to leak out immediately via the ground line.
Ground Line Noise Filter maintains the essential safety and protection functions of the ground line while preventing the equipment problems that can result in inaccuracies or malfunctions.
Unlike conventional power line filters, Ground Line Noise Filter from GroundNite converts noise into heat rather than reflecting it.
(Electromagnetic noise is gcleaned up.h)
GroundNite Ground Line Noise Filters are effective in substantially attenuating noise from 3kHz through frequencies in the multiple megahertz.
Attenuation Performance